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About this Website

The Northwest Berry & Grape Information Network is the most comprehensive information and communications resource for berry and grape production practices, research, and marketing. Communications features include regional and international e-mail discussion groups and on-line discussion forums focused on fruit growing. The primary intended audience is commercial growers, marketers, crop consultants, pest management advisors, educators, and researchers in the Pacific Northwest. The information on this website originates from the four cooperating institutions and links to selected, critically reviewed websites from credible sources.

Developed in 1995 by Edward Hellman, a former faculty of Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University, it was expanded into a regional cooperative program in 1998.

The website is produced by Oregon State University, Washington State University, the University of Idaho, and the USDA Agricultural Research Service. An editorial board, consisting of the Editor and Associate Editors from each institution, directs production and management of the website. Production of the website is supported by an annual grant from the Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research.

Editorial Board

Editor: Wei Qiang Yang, Oregon State University
Associate Editors: Wei Qiang Yang, Oregon State University
Mercy Olmstead, Washington State University
Dan Barney, University of Idaho
David Bryla, USDA Agricultural Research Service

Production Support

Site design – Pam Van Londen and Wei Qiang Yang
Content management – James Holladay and Wei Qiang Yang
Berry menu photos courtesy of Naturipe Farms LLC.

Funding Sources

Production of the Berry & Grape Information Net is supported by an annual grant from the Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research.

Development of the Berry & Grape Network was made possible by grants from the following organizations:

  • The Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research
  • The Oregon Wine Advisory Board
  • The Oregon Raspberry & Blackberry Commission
  • The Oregon Strawberry Commission
  • The Oregon Blueberry Commission

National Award Winning Web Site


The Northwest Berry & Grape Information Network was awarded 1st Place, 1997 Communications Award Competition – Web Page, by the National Association of County Agricultural Agents.