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USDA-ARS Horticultural Crops Research Laboratory – website

David Bryla, Research Horticulturist

Chad Finn, Research Geneticist

Jim Fisher, Research Entomologist

Robert C. Linderman, Research Plant Pathologist

Walter Mahaffee, Research Plant Pathologist

Robert Martin, Research Virologist

John Pinkerton, Research Plant Pathologist

Paul Schreiner, Research Plant Physiologist – Mycorrhizal fungi –

Krista Shellie, Research Horticulturist (ID)

Julie Tarara, Research Horticulturist (WA)

Oregon State University Faculty:

Department of Botany and Plant Pathology – website

Kathy Merrifield, Nematology

Jay Pscheidt, Extension Specialist – Plant Pathology

Melodie Putnam, Plant Clinic Diagnostician

Department of Crop and Soil Science – website

John Hart, Extension Specialist – Soils

John Baham – Soil Geochemistry

Department of Entomology -website

Due to the dissolution of the Department of Entomology, the formal departmental web site is shut down permanently. Links to personal or project web sites are still available via the old website

Jack DeAngelis, Extension Specialist – Entomology

Glenn Fisher, Extension Specialist – Entomology

Myron Shenk, Extension Specialist – Integrated Pest Management

Department of Food Science and Technology – website

Alan Bakalinsky, Yeast Geneticist

Mark Daeschel, Extension Specialist, Fruit and Vegetable Safety

Jim Kennedy, Wine Chemist

Mina McDaniel, Sensory Analysis

Barney Watson, Extension Specialist, Enology

Michael Qian, Flavor Chemist

Department of Horticulture – website

Carmo Vasconcelos, Research Viticulturist

Anne Connelley, Extension Specialist, Viticulture

John Luna, Extension Specialist, Sustainable Agriculture

Tim Righetti, Plant Nutrition

Bernadine Strik, Extension Specialist, Berry Crops

Ray William, Extension Specialist, Weeds

Benton County

Garry Stephenson, Agent – Agriculture, Small Farms

Coos County

Arthur Poole, Agent – Agriculture, Horticulture

Douglas County

Steve Renquist, Agent – Horticulture

Benton, Lane and Linn Counties

Ross Penhallegon, Agent – Berries, Tree Fruits & Nuts

Hood River County

Steve Castagnoli, Agent – Tree Fruits, Grapes

North Willamette Research and Extension Center
(Clackamas, Columbia, Marion, Multnomah, Polk,
Washington & Yamhill Counties)Wei Qiang Yang, Extension Agent – Berry crops, Blueberries

Diane Kaufman, District Extension Agent – Berry crops

Delbert Hemphill, Center Administrator

Robin Rosetta, District Agent – Pest Management

Southern Oregon Experiment Station

David Sugar, Specialist

Phillip VanBuskirk, Agent – Pears, Grapes

Northwest Resources

Washington State University Cooperative Extension Directory

WSU and USDA Research and Extension Staff
Tree Fruits and Grapes

Department of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences – University of Idaho

ODA Directory of Employees – Oregon Dept. Agriculture

U.S. Resources

Find a Person at ARS – USDA Agricultural Research Service