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Northwest Hardy Kiwifruit Discussion


The Northwest Hardy Kiwifruit Discussion is an e-mail (Lyris) discussion and newsgroup intended to enhance communications among hardy kiwifruit growers, researchers, extension educators, and crop advisors. It is open to anyone in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or British Columbia that is involved with or associated with hardy kiwifruit production.

The discussion group is intended to be a forum for discussion of questions, problems or issues associated with hardy kiwifruit production and utilization. It can also be used for postings of news items, announcements, job opportunities, or items for sale or looking to buy. It is NOT intended to be an outlet for commercial advertising.

List Disclaimer:

The author of a message sent to this list is solely responsible for that message’s content. The content, purpose, or opinions expressed in messages are not necessarily those of the Northwest Hardy Kiwifruit Discussion group subscribers, the Northwest Hardy Kiwifruit Discussion group owner, or Oregon State University. Subscription to this list constitutes acceptance of this policy and the Acceptable Use Policy for Oregon State University Computing facilities.


  • To join to the Northwest Hardy Kiwi Discussion, go the the Mailing List page and enter in the required information.
  • Once your subscription message is processed you will receive an acknowledgment of your subscription and information about how to send messages to the discussion group.


  • To leave the Northwest Hardy Kiwi Discussion, go the the Mailing List page and go to the unsubscribe section.
  • Enter your e-mail address and then submit it.
  • Then choose the unsubscribe option that is easiest for you: enter your password and unsubscribe, or have an unsubscribe email sent that needs confirmation.

Additional information for discussion group (Lyris) users: