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SWD Counts in Oregon

See SWD Trap counts over time, in any county in Oregon, for several different crops! The county map is located here.

New: Pest Alert Maps

The Pest Alert Maps show data gathered by users of this site. You can find trap counts for several counties in several states, on a number of individual crops.

When viewing a shaded county map, you can click on any county to see both voluntary count information and information from trained scouts.

To submit data, click here.


This is a list of available trap count graphs:

Weekly Counts (Oregon):

Blackberry trap counts of SWD
Blueberry trap counts of SWD
Cherry trap counts of SWD
Grape trap counts of SWD
Peach trap counts of SWD
Raspberry trap counts of SWD
Strawberry trap counts of SWD

Historical Graphs

This allows you to select a crop and a specific time period to show. The historical graphs can be found here.

Summary Statistics

This shows cumulative data for a given state, in table form. It shows cumulative counts, top crops by pests found, and top counties by pests found. The summary data can be found here.