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Registration and Certification of Grape Nursery Stock

Source: OAR 603-051-0830 to 603-051-0850
Oregon Administrative Rules, 2000 Compilation 603-051-0830

Definitions As used in these sections, unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) “Virus-Infected” means infected by a serious virus or manifesting symptoms or behavior characteristic of a serious virus disease. “Serious virus disease” includes corky bark, fan leaf and leaf roll virus diseases, and any other diseases so designated by the Department.

(2) “Index” means to test for virus infection by making a graft with tissue from the plant to be tested to an indicator plant or by other means of inoculation or other generally accepted laboratory methods approved by the Department.

(3) “Off-Type” means different from the variety as stated on the application for registration or certification. A vine or a cane shall be considered off-type when affected by a disorder of genetic origin or it is found to be atypical of the variety.

(4) “Progeny Vine” means a vine propagated from a parent rootstock and/or a parent top-stock source which has been indexed and is intended for planting in a foundation block.

(5) “Registered” means that a registration number has been assigned by the Department to a grapevine in a foundation block or to an entire increase block following the inspection and testing required in these regulations.

(6) “Foundation Block” means a planting of grapevines in which each vine has been registered to serve as a source of foundation stock.

(7) “Foundation Stock” means plants which have been produced in a foundation block.

(8) “Increase Block” means a planting of grapevines made with registered or foundation stock which has been registered as a block to serve as a source for the production of Oregon Certified Grape Nursery Stock.

(9) “Elite stock” means plants which have been produced in a Level One increase block in accordance with 603-051-0835(4)(d).

(10) “Registered Stock” means plants which have been produced in an increase block in accordance with 603-051-0835(4)(e).

(11) “Oregon Certified Grape Nursery Stock” means vines, rootings, cuttings, grafts, or buds taken or propagated from foundation or registered stock and certified in accordance with these regulations.