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2014 Blueberry Conference SummaryGet Adobe Acrobat Reader

A summary of presentations at the 2014 Blueberry Conference. It provides information on blueberry markets, cultivars, production, and pest management to the west coast blueberry growers.

Research Databases

Search databases of grape and berry research progress reports from Northwest universities and agencies. Follow links to national and international databases of research reports.

Research Literature Collections and Journals

Follow links to searchable collections of research literature. Other links lead to specific research journals and magazines devoted to grapes and/or berries. Most journal websites provide abstracts or an index of recent articles.

U.S. Universities, Agencies, Programs

This section contains links to experiment stations, research centers, and programs of Northwest Universities and the USDA. Additional links are provided to grape and/or berry crops research programs in other states, and to national research programs.

Worldwide Universities, Agencies, Programs

This is a collection of links from around the world to research universities, institutes, research centers, and programs focused on grapes and/or berry crops.