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Special Local Needs for use of Saber

Ed Hellman
North Willamette Research & Extension Center
Oregon State University

May 30, 2000

The Oregon Department of Agriculture just granted a Special Local Needs
label (24c registration) to Platt Chemical Co. for use of Saber (2,4-D
amine) for control of broadleaf weeds in grass strips between the blueberry
rows. Saber is a post-emergence herbicide that is effective in controlling
many different types of broadleaf weeds, including hard-to-kill weeds like
clover, thistle and dock.

The label contains specific directions for use and many restrictions, so
should be read carefully to ensure compliance and prevent crop injury.
Rate is 3 pints of Saber in 50 gallons of water, to be made in spring as a
DIRECTED, SHIELDED spray to the weeds between the blueberry rows. A second
application may be made at the same rate in the fall, if needed. Avoid
direct contact with the blueberry plants and avoid spray drift, as even a
small amount of this herbicide cause severe injury during both the growing
and dormant season. Label restricts use if temperature is 65 degrees or
higher. PHI is 30 days, so use prior to harvest for this field season may
be limited in some areas of the state. REI is 48 hours.