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Storage of Kiwifruit

Although there is a great deal of interest in growing the hardy kiwifruit (A. arguta) commercially in Oregon, very little information is available specific to this species. Most of the following information relates to the fuzzy kiwi, Hayward. However, where information on hardy kiwifruit is available, differences are noted.


Store kiwifruit as near to 32 oF (0 oC) as possible at 90 to 95 percent relative humidity. Even when fruit are held at this temperature, about one-third to one-half of the remaining flesh firmness may be lost per month of storage in Hayward. Fruit are sensitive to freezing injury; be careful that the temperature of the fruit does not drop below 32oF.

For long-term storage, use of controlled atmosphere (5 percent CO2; 2 percent O2) has been effective in Hayward, provided temperature is kept at 32oF and ethylene-free atmospheres are maintained. Note that only battery-operated forklifts should be used in storage rooms to avoid generating ethylene. Monitor levels of ethylene in storage on a regular basis, because a week or more of 10 ppb ethylene will hasten fruit softening.

Hayward fruit can be stored 3 to 6 months under ideal storage conditions. Arguta or hardy kiwifruit, however, cannot be stored as long, because fruit are more perishable.

To optimize shelf life of arguta fruit (e.g., Ananasnaya), harvest at 8 to 9 oBrix, handle fruit carefully to avoid bruising, immediately cool fruit to 32oF, and store them at 95 percent relative humidity. Fruit should keep for up to 2 months under these conditions and can be ripened with ethylene.

Bernadine C. Strik, Extension Berry Crops Specialist, Oregon State University.

This fact sheet is adapted from Oregon State University Extension Publication EC1464, Growing Kiwifruit, which can be purchased from the Department of Extension & Experiment Station Communications. How to Order