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Style Guide for this web site

For a professional look

NWBG Info Net will continue to look professional if we adhere to the styles defined by the style sheet. When editing pages, refer to this style guide for use of tags.

Remember to ask for clarification as needed.

Floating Boxes

Floating boxes are layers that allow text to float around them. In general, add a div class=”right” tag around the images, text, table, and forms which need to be boxed separately from other content.

Headline Styles

Do not use h1 tags:

Head 1 = h1

Head 2 = h2

head 3 = h3

head 4 = h4

head 5 = h5
head 6 = h6

Tags that do not work well in WordPress

Captions for tables, preformatted.

Standard Text Styles

Paragraph Elements

This paragraph contains bold, italic, strong, and emphasis.

Blockquote paragraphs are made using the right-indent button on the toolbar and are only for quoted passages which need to be set off. They are sometimes followed by a citation.

Citations are bylines and are to be used after headlines and after blockquotes. Move all citations from the bottom of articles to the top and enclose in cite tags inside p tags.

Three List Styles

Word and phrase definitions, publication titles, and web site listings look good using the Definition List element/tag set.

Definition, title of an article, or web site name
description such as author, publisher, date, page number
Web site title with link.
description such as author, publisher, date, page number

Unordered lists are for bulleting related items.

  • item
  • item

Ordered lists are good for numbering related items where sequence matters.

  1. item
  2. item

Table Styles

Tables in a paragraph and include a bold figure number (the caption tag does not work in WordPress 2.1):

Figure 1 Sample Table

col1 col2 col3 col4
row1 data data data
row2 data data data
row3 data data data